Hummingbird Art Glass Studio

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"Don't be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams."  

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome to Hummingbird Art Glass Studio; the place for unique dichroic fused glass jewelry and glass art gifts.   My jewelry collections range from contemporary fashion jewelry to nature inspired jewelry.   In addition to wearable art, you will find a variety of fused glass gifts for your home or office. 

It was my dream to have a home based, creative business. I began working in stained glass art in the 90's, needing a creative outlet to balance my very rigid and structured day job.  A major life change took me out of the corporate world, and so, I took a leap of faith and turned from "commission only" to full time jewelry and glass artisan.  I opened
Hummingbird Art Glass  on Etsy which features collections of handmade nature inspired and contemporary jewelry as well as fused glass home decor.

Kiln formed glass art and art jewelry became my passion.  The increased design flexibility and ability to combine glass in ways not possible with stained glass greatly appealed to me.  Using glass fusion to transform raw sheet glass into beautiful works of art and jewelry presents wonderful opportunities as well as challenges.  

I am constantly evolving and learning new processes for my work.   My latest venture has been to open Fire Horse Art Jewelry, a shop exclusively focused on all things equine and equestrian.  

​​When it comes right down to it, truly all of my work is inspired by nature, from the contemporary jewelry to the so named “nature inspired” fused glass jewelry and the fused glass home décor.    All of my creativity centers around the colors in nature.  Sometimes the colors explode in vibrant arrays like a sunset in the High Sierras … others produce provocative feelings – perhaps like those of the ocean on a calm day.  Bold colors, soft pastels, the play of light and dark, each of these resonates within our emotional landscape. 


My fused glass jewelry and art glass decor is carefully handmade in my studio to provide you with long lasting enjoyment and beauty.   All of my creations are designed for the person who wants unique, handcrafted and beautiful art  jewelry and one of a kind home decor that  is a reflection their personality, style or passion. 

Jackie Brower Bowyer
Fused Glass Artisan